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Private one-on-one instruction

Private one-on-one instruction

Group classes will be returning in 2024. Drop by the gallery and sign up for our mailing list or email us with your request to be notified when classes are scheduled. Individualized instruction is now being offered with one-on-one sessions tailored to better meet your needs, expectations and skill level. Ron will work with you to customize your personalized session(s) to cover the area(s) of photography to match your interest and to assist you in becoming a better photographer. Instruction is custom-tailored to your individual needs to take your photography to the next level. The cost is $30 for the first introductory 1/2 hour session, $30 for each 1/2 hour session thereafter or $55 per each 1 hr session if you prefer a longer session. These sessions are via zoom or FaceTime. Instruction can encompass any of the following subjects but is not limited to just these samples:

 iPhone Photography and/or Video With the release of the iPhones 8-15 and IOS 13-17 there has been a lot of new features incorporated into the cameras and IOS. Ron will review the new photography camera updates, how to use them and also explain how the IOS 17 update affects all current iPhones from iPhone 8 through 15. Sample topics: – How to set up and use your iPhone effectively to take exceptional photos and videos. – How to edit your photos for greater impact. – How to manage your photos more effectively.

How to take better pictures with your Smartphone IOS and Android In this session, you will learn how to improve your ability to take better photos with your smartphone. You will learn techniques that will help you take great photos using just your smartphone. You will also learn how to utilize the power of your smartphone and its features to elevate your Smartphone photography to a new level.

Introduction to Digital Photography To better understand Digital Photography requires knowledge of the underlying technology and its own unique language. In this session, you will be introduced to the basics of Digital Photography, and they will learn how to navigate this modern-day phenomenon. You will learn what Digital Photography is, how it compares with Film Photography, and the vocabulary of Digital Photography (e.g., pixels, megapixels, megabytes). The many types of technology used to capture images using this medium will be covered, including DSLRs, point and shoot cameras, and smartphones. And finally, students will learn about the many ways to store, share and print all those images that they have taken.

Photography 101 – The basic concepts of photography In this session you will learn about the basic concepts of photography and how to apply them, using your camera’s different settings and modes. You will learn how to make a great photograph versus taking a snapshot. You will be taught how to see the world differently through the lens of your camera. And you will learn how to get the results you want, whether your passion is nature, landscapes, portraits, or action shots. This session is geared toward the use of DSLR cameras but all concepts apply to whatever type of camera you may be using including cell phones, point and shoot, etc. Instruction is custom-tailored to your individual needs. Learn to take your photography to the next level. The cost is $30 for a 1/2 hour session and $55 per each additional 1 hr. These lessons are provide via zoom or FaceTime.

Other topics that can be covered include;

Composition – what makes a good photo

Video – how to make and edit effective video on you DSLR or iPhone

About the Instructor

Ron Lowe

Ron, IBM Retiree and Professional Photographer, is a native Floridian born in Tampa, Florida. It was during his stint in the U.S Navy that he became interested in Photography and began taking photographs with a 35mm Minolta camera that he borrowed from a fellow shipmate. Upon leaving the Navy he continued honing his skills first as a reporter/photographer for the college newspaper and as a lead wedding photographer for a local Studio in Cleveland Ohio.

Ron’s artistic talents were further showcased during college as a musician, playing the Hammond B-3 organ, piano and other electronic keyboards for various rock bands. He played throughout the Cleveland, Ohio area and other major cities including New York and Chicago.

Ron’s love for nature is brought out in his photographs of animals, birds, butterflies and flowers. Capturing nature in the wild has become a passion and occupies a great deal of his efforts. Ron has become an accomplished landscape photographer capturing the beauty of the US and Canada, up close and personal.

He now resides in Holly Springs, North Carolina. Ron spends much of his time photographing the beauty and wonder of the Blue Ridge Mountains along with the ruggedness and beauty of the Outer Banks. Ron also provides onsite portraiture for families, musicians and corporations. Ron is also available for private commissions.

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